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Fit Woman

Fit Woman

Attention Customers

The coronavirus pandemic is an extraordinary world event, influencing each of our daily destinations and social interactions in ways we never imagined a few short weeks ago.

Health and safety have become a priority. How we respond individually can have a profound effect on our families, the community we live in, and alter the outcome of this pandemic as it travels around the world.  

At Denver Home Fitness, we recognize the physical, mental, and emotional toll that current events can have on each person.

The Denver Home Fitness on-line store remains open for business.

  • We will answer questions via phone, email, or website chat.

  • We will deliver purchased equipment, provide equipment setup, and share best use instruction. 


 There is no better time than now to establish a home fitness routine:

  • Exercise - because it has the ability to boost your immune system

  • Exercise - because it's been proven to relieve stress

  • Exercise - because it burns calories  (for those who want to offset the increased convenience of snacking that home confinement provides)


To help you, Denver Home Fitness is offering a 10% discount on your entire order.  Enter the following code at checkout: