Product Description: Affordable quality, our VTX high-grade, wide-flanged, Olympic Grip Plates feature 3 slotted gripping areas (45 lb., 35 lb., 25 lb. and 10 lb. only) that actually raise the plates off of the ground, providing easier lifting and loading from a prone or angled position. Raised reinforcements on both sides of each grip slot help make it a true institutional plate and the choice of trainers, world wide. Center bores are precision drilled for a snugger fit on most 2” Olympic bars. Rust resistant, twice baked gray enamel finish. Warranty: 1 year


Weights included (2x45, 2x35, 2x25, 2x10, 5x5x 2x2.5)

7ft Olympic Bar (45lbs)

2 - Spring collars


Troy VTX Cast Iron Grip Plate 300lb Set