Because of their popularity, elliptical trainers receive a great deal of daily use therefore must be superbly built. The 550ETi is built to sustain performance and appearance, day in and day out, keeping exercisers satisfied and coming back for more.


Meets European Directive EN957-9 safety standards for elliptical trainers bringing confidence to exercisers and facility owners alike


Robust frame structure is engineered for longevity and durability


Belt drive delivers smooth and quiet motion to foot pedals and handle bars 188 kg (414 lbs) product weight provides stable, solid workouts


Easy To Enjoy


Fitness equipment, by its very nature, can be complicated machinery. And Intenza products are, indeed, precisely engineered to exacting standards but that is why they’re so logical, so understandable, so kind to your body – the most important machine of all.


Facility operators can preset maximum usage times during peak hours – so everybody gets a chance to enjoy the Intenza machines Large


18-character LED message center provides a clear visual of all information needed including:

Heart rate, resistance level, time, SPM, calories, watts, distance, speed, workout summary, and workout profile.


Step-up height of 35cm (13.7 inches)


Pedal-to-Pedal distance of 6cm (2.3 inches)


40 resistance levels 15 watts minimum (level 1 at 40 SPM), 630 watts maximum (level 40 at 150 SPM)


Intenza 550ETXi Elliptical

  • InCare™

    InCare™ online automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via WiFi.

    USB Connectivity

    For customized workout, workout results, personal settings, multimedia, manual software upgrade.

    C-SAFE connectivity

    Standard C-SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer.

    User Custom Settings

    (1) display unit: Km or Mile (2) buzzer sound: on or off When USB is detected, users may customize (1) name (2) display unit (3) age (4) gender (5) weight (6) buzzer Smart machine will automatically prioritize personalized settings and workout routine when USB is detected

    Comfort Fit™

    Comfort Fit™ designed with easy to use manual stick shift and streamlined motor cover for running in convenience and comfort.



    Upper Body Handlebars

    Moving Arms


    High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearings for exceptional performance

    Foot Pedals

    Ergonomic design oversized foot pedals with soft grip to enhance stability and comfort during workouts

    Accessories Holder


    Transport Wheels


    Maximum User Weight

    400 lb.


    83 x 33in.

    Product Dimensions

    (L x W x H) 83 x 33 66 in.

    Product weight


    Shipping Dimensions

    (L x W x H) 87 x 31 x 66 in.

    Shipping Weight