We believe Fitness isn't a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a Lifestyle.

Justin Salyer | Owner of Denver Home Fitness in Colorado Springs, CO

Justin Salyer

Owner | Sales

I am passionate about the fitness industry, I have been around sports and fitness all my life. I have absorbed as much of the information I could from coaches (owners), trainers (reps), and teammates (sales staff) I had around me. I have never been satisfied with average results in anything I have been a part of on or off the field.  Denver Home Fitness is a direct extension of me, my values and the relationships I have with those around me. Our goal is to provide the community with the tools to maintain or gain a healthy life style. We will do so by representing the highest in quality products, and educating customers how to maximize their results to reach their personal goals.

Most people will eventually think about their health and consider adding some kind of cardio and/or strength machine to their home, the goal is to make Denver Home Fitness the destination. By listening to client goals and possible limitations we will provide the education and guidance that will allow us to put our clients on track to living the heathy lifestyle they seek.


Our clients value their workouts and their healthy life style. In order to meet their demands, we sell a higher quality machine focusing on a better, best line up. By focusing on top tier products we will reduce the service and maintenance potential, allowing us to provide a level of customer service that will turn customers into clients.

"Your WHY has to be GREATER than your excuse"

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